The woolly mammoth was an herbivore from the Pleistocene, and was well adapted to the cold environment during the last ice age. It was covered in fur, with an outer covering of long guard hairs and a shorter undercoat. The colour of the coat varied from dark to light. The ears and tail were short to minimize frostbite and heat loss. It had long, curved tusks and four molars. Its behavior was similar to that of modern elephants, and it used its tusks and trunk for manipulating objects, fighting, and foraging.

The woolly mammoth was not truly a dinosaur, but rather a relative of modern elephants. It was roughly the same size as modern African elephants. Males reached shoulder heights between 8.9 and 11.2 ft. A newborn calf weighed about 200 lb.

The woolly mammoth coexisted with early humans, who used its bones and tusks for making art, tools, and dwellings, and the species was also hunted for food.

This deluxe version of the woolly mammoth is featured in a 1:20 scale, and measures 7.1″L x 5.3″H.

Ages 3+ | Deluxe 1:20 Scale

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