Giant pandas have a gestation period from 95 to 160 days, and give birth to twins in about half of the pregnancies. The father has no part in helping raise the cub. When the cub is first born, it is pink, blind, and toothless, weighing only 3.2 to 4.6 ounces, or about 1/800th of the mother’s weight, proportionally the smallest baby of any placental mammal. One to two weeks after birth, the cub’s skin turns grey where its hair will eventually become black. Slight pink color may appear on the cub’s fur, as a result of a chemical reaction between the fur and its mother’s saliva. A month after birth, the color pattern of the cub’s fur is fully developed. Its fur is very soft and coarsens with age. The cub begins to crawl at 75 to 80 days, and mothers often play with their cubs by rolling and wrestling with them.

Giant panda cubs weigh 100 pounds at one year and live with their mothers until they are 18 months to two years old.

Measures 2″L x 1.6″H.

Ages 3+ | 1:18 Scale

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